The board of Directors of AATO comprise lawyers who specialize in helping timeshare owners combat the unfair practives of the vacation travel industry experienced in getting clients out of timeshare contracts, and passionate supporters well-versed in lobbying regulations at both state and federal levels.

We do NOT support the Timeshare pushing industry in any way. If you are or have ever been a timeshare pusher or an agent thereof, this is not the organization for you. If you support the underhanded tactics of the timeshare industry, this organization is not for you. If you don’t see the need for real change at state and federal levels and do not wish to support our efforts to retain professional, registered lobbyists dedicated to seeking new laws to help relieve owners of the timeshare burdens and prevent these practices from continuing, this organization is not for you.  

If you are like so many of the millions of timeshare owners in the United States who find themselves disenchanted with their timeshare after having been manipulated or lied to by the timeshare industry, join us today to help us fight for justice for timeshare owners. United We Stand!

Board of Directors

Scott Montgomery



Scott Montgomery was born and raised in Missouri where he attended Kickapoo High School and the University of Missouri. He’s been a lawyer since 1994 and started his own practice in 2000. He quickly realized the true nature of the timeshare industry and has been fighting to assist victims of the timeshare pushers since then. His work has lead to being personally sued by two of the largest timeshare pushing companies in the world, which have spent untold amounts of money attempting to shut down his efforts, to no avail. 

Scott is one of the founders of AATO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is married to his best friend, Amanda, and together they have four children. They live in Springfield, near Branson, along with their barn cat, Miley, and two old horses, Tilley and Jimmy. Tilley is a pretty good horse whom Scott hopes will be a member of their family for many years. Jimmy, on the other hand, Scott will happily deliver to your door upon request. 

Todd Newcomb



Todd Newcomb was born and raised in Missouri, grew up in Jefferson city, attended Jefferson City Highschool, Missouri State University, and the University of Missouri. He’s been a lawyer since 2000 and started his own practice in 2005. Appalled by the timeshare industry, he has devoted himself to fighting for victims. Two of the largest resorts in the world have sued him and spent vast amounts of money and time to stop the fight. Not today, timeshare pushers…not today!

Todd is one of the founders of AATO and serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors. He lives in Springfield, Missouri with his son. In his free time, Todd enjoys watching comedies and timeshare presentations. But, you can most often find him near Table Rock Lake, where he spends his summer weekends enjoying the Ozarks with his son. 

David Vaughn



David is a lifelong Missouri resident. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia for his undergraduate degree and then law school at University of Missouri, Kansas City. David has been a lawyer since 1990 and celebrates over 30 years in practice. David’s primary focus has been in major civil litigation, with many successful jury trials over the last three decades. He now focuses on clients who feel they were taken advantage of by timeshare companies. Making a difference in their lives is challenging and rewarding. 

David has three sons, and one beautiful granddaughter. He resides in Springfield, Missouri staying close to his roots into adulthood. 


Brittany Campbell



Brittany was raised in Iowa and moved to Springfield in 2003. She has been a paralegal for over 5 years. 

Brittany lives with her teenage son and two cats. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys reading, writing, attending concerts, and the occasional Netflix binge. 

Rebecca Patterson



Rebecca Patterson was born and raised in Missouri. She has worked in customer service for over 15 years and has always taken great pride in her work. She is passionate about her job and enjoys helping people. 

When she isn’t working, Rebecca is most likely spending time with her two amazing sons, and their dogs. Rebecca enjoys hiking, floating, and spending time with her family.